A Word is a Tree

Nov 11

Oct. 17, 2020

A Word is a Tree

Happy to report these two journals currently feature my work: The “Superstition” issue of Stonecoast Review contains three of my eerie analog double-exposure photographs (a smattering of which can be viewed on this website) and the poem “Mazzafegati,” my ode to a certain beloved foodstuff. No moons of fat in them, and curved slightly like something I won’t say. Dang poetry. Always saying things it won’t say.

The very-specific and blade-sharp zine Malus publishes commentary, research, poetry, and artwork related to cidermaking and the primeval orbs of the Malus species (apples!). My poem “Two Poets Fall” alludes to the everlivingness of language – a word is a tree / burnt out by lightning / but still living – and the boneyard apple trees I knew as a child in Dry Creek Valley.

(Full circle: you can taste the bittersweet fruits of these same trees in the form of an excellent cider made by Preston of Dry Creek. Yup, those are my folks. And the bottle doubles as an affordable duplica of my artwork.)