The Guts & Bolts of Poetry

Aug 19

August 19, 2022

The Guts & Bolts of Poetry

Happy to say that my chapbook of older poems, written during the years 2002 – 2010, is available for order! This has been a pandemic goal, a labor of love, resulting in a slender sheath of quintessentially Tula-esque works I hope you will enjoy.

A few reasons why you might (should!) order a copy:

+ You have the suspicion that I am a bit twisted, and would like confirmation.

+ You are super curious about the wild & woolly years of my life when I dropped out of poetry grad school, went to India and joined a traveling subculture, & was called by the moon to live in a ghost town my ancestors settled.

+ You are afraid of poetry but think you could handle 20 short-ish poems.

+ You like sausages and pomegranates.

+ You also write, or wish you did. (it’s never too late!)

+ You wish you owned one of my ink pieces but can’t get your hands on an original.

+ You would like to support the largely unrewarded and unproductive act of arranging words into weird musical patterns.

+ You are fabuloso

That’s my pitch. You can also order yours from Bookshop or your independent bookstore.